Tuesday, September 22, 2009

“Crayon Shin-chan”Author Found Dead

To all “Crayon Shin-chan” fans, it was really a sad news to hear that the author of comic book “Crayon Shin-chan”,Yoshito Usui, was confirmed dead in a hiking accident.
Usui, 51, who is popular worldwide among manga enthusiasts, went missing on Sept. 11 after he went hiking on his own on a mountain range straddling Gunma and Nagano prefectures. His body was then discovered 120 meters below the mountain's Tomoiwa cliff by a male climber.Police concluded that he is died from collapsed lungs and some other injuries.It is believed that he accidentally fell while taking photograph of the cliff. Haiz~ hope he rest in peace. 

SAW movie series

Who likes horror movie and haven't watch SAW before, should watch it. It is an interesting movie.






The latest SAW 6

SAW 6 is the latest movie series and will be in theaters October 23. I am so exciting,can't wait to watch it, don't know what the story will be.
For the people who don't know this movie, SAW is a movie that say about Jonathan Kramer,The Jigsaw Killer. He is a dying cancer patient who is obsessed with teaching people the value of their own lives.He builds deadly traps for his target.Each trap he refers to as game and tell the rules of game either by audio or video tape.The rules usually consists of tasks that the victim must adhere to in order to survive.

For more information,please visit the website below:
Source: http://www.officialsaw.com/

Fake facebook!!!

To all facebook user and facebook lover : 

Please Attention and beware of some game or application that might link you to a fake facebook website call "fucabook".It will call you to key in login ID and password,then only can use that application. Remember don't key in your detail coz it might link you to hacker or phishing website that will steal your information.The most important is remember not to click the link or some application that you don't know,some may even fake that use your friend name to attract you to believe it and enter that application.Beware and share this information to your friend.

Angel and Demon

This incident has been past and will never meet him again.Well it actually is good.
From this incident, it clearly show that person is living with wearing mask, lie and keep something from others known, try to put a clear sign of keep out of my territory, but when fail to keep it, change the face like changing the mask. Who know when is it,it is real and when is it,it is just a fake person that wearing mask. A true hurt feeling.

 Can one different when does it is really an angel or demon?
It may looks like an angel but is a demon.

A sentence say that "The truth is always brutality", but in some cases, if the truth has never been known, it will be even more brutality as he or she may continue with it that unknown of keeping him in the hurt for even more longer. Short term pain is always better than long term pain.







What is live?
What is the purpose or aims of live??
Does anyone really think of it before???
To obtain what you dream of ?
To achieve what your aims is ? or just happy living, without think of it before..
Live with no burden or stress..
I think everyone have their own dream or aims, it is just the matter of do they really know what is it, or how to find it or do they really find ways to success it.
Sometimes I feel so lost that, what is the purpose of live, living without aims, just a body shell that can move,living without soul..
I am not brave enough and scare to do whatever things, so scare of losing something, but what am I actually scare of, scaring of losing what??
The confidence is gone, where is it?
So hope and dream of getting it back, the nature happiness that from heart has been gone for so long time, that didn't seen it again...where has it been??
The joy, happiness of live, living with no fear, dare to challenge everything.
May something can enlighten me, pull me back, bring me to the right path of living with aims and fearless.


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